Neather World

Depression kills

There is a her shaped hole in this world

A black void

If you look hard enough you can still see the sparkles of the departed

Black diamonds of the afterlife

The entrance left open

In case he needs to follow

It isn't in the leaving she said

It's in the living once I'm dead

The cold cold bed Sat in our room

The silence in the telephone

This is what the worst will be

The carrying on with out me

It isn't in the leaving she cried

It's in the living once I've died

She asked him once to be brave

Carry on forget her name

Give some meaning to his life

Leave behind the cold dead wife

"How can you love me"she asked

All I want is to depart

"How am I faithfully yours" she cried

He just looked at her and sighed

It isn't in the leaving she said

It's in the living once I'm dead

Where I go has no name

I can feel it pulling me back again

The darkness it consumes me again and again

I'll wait for you she said

Promised this in life and death

I warned you along the way

I tried to make you see

I never belonged to this world

As I never belonged to me

I belong to the Nether world

I was put here by mistake

I'm waiting for it to draw me back

To take again my place

This is what she sees when there

He's too used up to even care

Watching his restless nights and days

Keeping the haunting mind at bay

The last vision in his head

Is his wife hanging above the bed

The End

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