You've given me something worth writing about.


The last few months I've run out of things to write.

The last few years I've been writing poems,

But not in a way I understand.

Now I understand.

I understand how it really feels to be afraid.

Its sickening and beautiful in the most painful way possible.

Its so crazy isn't it?

How you can spend your whole life thinking you're doing everything right

and then someone comes along and you realize your not.

You began to finally realize why nothing ever worked out with anyone else.

You suddenly find a reason for trying.

A reason for living.


You make me absolutely sick.


These butterflies that i have wrestling in my stomach

have weapons and they are lethal.

I want to make it stop but at the same time,

I would pay unbelievable amounts to make it go on and on and on and..


Sometimes i rush to bed at night

You're all that think about.

So what else is there room to dream about?

I want you next to me all the time.

I want your hands in mine and i want to get lost in your voice

asking me questions i wish i could answer.

I wish i could tell you why this world is so cruel

But i often find myself asking the same thing.

But with you,

the world is a place I couldn't ever imagine leaving.

The End

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