Natures Wonders

This is about nature, and the shifting of the seasons.

Grass thrive from the earth

As the leaves grow into view

The flowers blossom with a little mirth

Thanks to the morning dew

Making the leaves and birds joyous as the sun rises,

To greet everyone and you.

The sun arrives, the trees full and lit

Sky illuminated with sunlight

Creatures hum throughout the warm summer nights

While the moon shines on you and me

As the wind kisses our hair, mind

And caresses our cheeks.

The weather changes, shifting our world, our land

Mother Nature whispers one word

With a wave of her hand

Creating a little breeze

Causing the leaves to evolve

Into colors that echoed in your dreams.

The air shivers into a frigid bite

No more is the green glow of natures wonder

No shadow of the shine of life

Replaced by a sparkle of frost

By a blanket of white

That glistens in the kind moonlight.

The End

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