Thoughts Go Up(and so do birds)Mature

Sitting still

deep in thought

hesitation goes

the mind floats

up, up, into

cloud layers.

Coming to terms with


Thinking about the meaning of words

with more



not one inner sentence remembered

when a chickadee,

smaller than a child's fist

gray and brown and small beak,


stops on the chair above my right shoulder

Jolted into reality,

with a flutter of hands

and the thought of locusts on my neck

Off it goes,

small invisible wing beats

nearby fence,

on top of all the small metal squares

about 5 feet away

it pauses


disappears into a few tall ponderosa pines

hidden by thick, green clumps of needles


the both of us decided

we got a little too high up in the air

and a shock was needed

be aware, be aware

glimpses of a small bird,

going up, up, 

gone again.

The End

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