Sardines in the ParkMature

I still think

of everything else

as stronger

than myself.

Hardcoated trees,

whipped by the wind

the lawn ornaments

faded paint, time-less plastic,

years of stationary thought


those humans

up and down the road

on their ATV's, small jeep

the loudest of the bees

the most vocal of the trees

point A/point B

No love for these things

try to never stay the same


'Hotel California' booming from the 50ft RVs,

sardines at the park

where they pay 10 dollars a day

to do the same they thing

as when they're home

"Welcome to the Hotel California," hums on

I wonder if they listen, truly listen,

to what they hear

perhaps I shouldn't be so scared of these folks

the deaf and blind

even though they have eyes and ears

rpms fly through the sky,

flies circle every smoking pit

wishful, brisk clouds

cover the rays from the sun

covering thoughts

music dies off.

still packed like sardines, equally dead and equally the same

I realize, drugs and hardships can't destroy their minds,

they don't have any.

The End

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