Mostly imagery and thought. I figured it was about time for a combination of like-minded poems.

The passing of a bumblebee

just now hovering over me

slightly above my right ear

just for a second,

moves on, 

grass scratching his belly

an aspen above me quivers, releasing a handful of white fuzzy tips

squished cottonballs in the wind, deflating down to earth

the bottom branches are now bright yellow

soon the sun will hardly be able to shine down into my chair,

a few more weeks,

broad yellow-green leaves


The only thing that stops me from reading is the birds

treetop warblers rule the air with their deep low songs

ravens rest, hiding from the afternoon sun bake

my spotted lab hides under the porch,

head perched out, brown-white droopy face

hanging on to the last few moments of consciousness

all animals reign in these cloudless hours

when the back of your neck cracks with heat


fly rest on my leg, constantly in motion

spasm my leg muscles and gone for a second,

now won't leave me alone

every moment is a lesson if you care to be awake

deep dog barks across town, mine still asleep

robins start in with small, scared chirps

the chipmunks continue for a minute or two


All this is truly silence.


Elderly man returns to his house next door

in and out of his car


and over

trying to find the noisiest way to pass his day

as if to forget true sound

my dog barks at his arrival

low long bark

standing ground at the edge of the fence

soon back asleep under the porch

do dogs tell the difference when they're asleep and awake

and for that sake,

do i?

Car honks in the distance,

that bumblebee is probably a mile away.


The universe starts with your eye

just having a shadow is alright

dog comes out, broad grin,

lays in the sun under the aspens

fly stops, pauses, he pays no mind.

Maybe he's had the right idea all along.

And still all is silence.

The End

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