The poem's about nature.. an attempt to make people go back to the beauty around us that we ignore often, just because we take it for granted.
Nature's too beautiful to be ignored, to awesome to be taken for granted. Let's start cherishing it, before we destroy it to satisfy our material hunger.

What if you are lost?
What if you are alone?
What if you don’t see a silver lining?
What if all your dreams are forever gone?

This world is material,
You’re yet to see the beauty of this creation steady and slow.
You’re young, and you know not,
In what blissful solitude He made this universe grow.

Wait. And let the world unfold on its own accord.
You shall see the best moments of your life.
Past or future, the time does not matter.
The moments shall cut through your despair like a divine knife.

It’s wiser to wait when you are lost,
And let nature teach you.
If it can give you birth and sustain you till you are old,
It will always show you the correct way, in signs or omens, many or few.

Embrace the lush green when you go haywire,
Feel the sun’s warmth when you are cold.
Listen to the music of the birds and rivers when you are solitary.
The silence of His creation is worthier than thy gold.

You may live to become materialistic,
Or you may realise the vibrancy of the true world.
When all that existed was molecules and atoms,
The nature was busy preparing in giving life a chance, and therefore was destined your birth.

Be not limited by the bounties which you receive in this world.
But make sure you experience the authentic richness of this planet.
You’ll realise that a human can not ask more from God than what he has given us in our surroundings,
Adorning an otherwise lifeless planet, like on a foolscap- a bard’s sonnet.

Love your life, even when you are lost,
And enjoy and feel the nature to the fullest.
When you will be on your way to the other world,
Deep within, you’ll realise that nature was always the best.

The End

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