Natural Tones

Through deep poetry one can explore higher vibrations of one's existence.


I am the

Springtime of leaves

And song of brunt

Meadows brief

Where the water arms

The earth’s ploughed


Mingling with

Moon’s soft crust.


Capricious images

Of nursling plunders

Shrouded to announce

To the world at large

Its blunders

And crystallization

Of amorphous mass

Of feelings & sensations

Into significant forms

In a universe of values

Echoes of inner stance.


I am the

Spring sap of the leaves

And song of meadows brief

Scars of earth

Peeled and ploughed

With bloods of

Moon’s dried crust.


I am the visibility of the day

I am the invisibility of the night

I am the spring sap of the leaves

And the echoes of winter’s last rites.


The End

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