A mistake.

I've given myself to the greatest of whimsy, 
  departing with urges so cold.

She yelled and she told me
  to leave him alone,
 but I glared and I ran
   right back there.

In the woods full of laughter and smoke
 it was hard for me not to choke
  but I swallowed it down and I turned things around,
    and I took such a risk, I didn't know.

For the dirt and the grime and confusion
 I will never be caught that alone.
For the hurt and the crime and confusion
 I will never try spite to the bone.

If I told him he told me, he begged and he pleaded,
 positions so futile, beware;
              If I'd given another
     if I'd even bothered
maybe I
 would have never got there.

All the soap in the world,
all the ice in my words,
wouldn't wash away the growl in his voice.
How he stuck out his jaw,
     how the scent of him stuck,
  and the taste will forever be there;

  If I cry will you tell me not to?
  If I yearn to just hide,  what will I do?

Grass stains and knee caps hold nothing to the truth
           If he's got me, what should I do?  

The End

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