The laughter falls, hollow upon deaf ears
And these flowers curl up and die.
The corner becomes your comforter
Turn in your bed; your grave.

Have you got what you wanted this time?
Each blink weighs your life down, down to the seabed.

And here you are again.
You could have lived as a king, but you remain curled in your protection
These sheets are a sham, and a mask to hide you from your emptiness
Face the shallow truth

Iron bars.

And here I stand, smile playing on my mutilated face
I expected it all to work out in the end

But death will follow me everywhere.

I should have remembered, I'll never shake it off.
Everything revolves around me.
I am the embodiment of all you fear today.
The scars, rolling down my chest should warn you,
I have a purpose

But I want to feel this.
I'll rip my heart out of my body for you, you know this

Take my hands, turn them into knives. 
I should have realised that the voice of the Reaper resonates louder than all
But the words wash over me, so no matter.

They're playing Russian Roulette on my heart tonight.

Three cheers for the boy who kissed death. 

The End

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