Nappy HairMature

A spoken word poem

I  am proud of my nappy hair

Ashy legs? With out a care

Bells and whistles aint my style

If I’m in the library, I’ll stay a while

No hoop earrings , No flashy bling

I can live without out those material things


You say you ‘on that nexx nexx shit,’

I say ‘I’m in class playing to win’



You say you ‘gotta whole lot of hoes’

I say ‘Your heart got a whole lot of holes’


You say you ‘on that Loui Rap’

I say ‘You’re running off track’


But you don’t give a crap

Whether you gotta do this or that


So I’ll go my own way

Living my life ain’t a game

But you’re still the same

Thirty years, now who’s a fake?

Thirty Years, now my name’s a praise

Thirty years ,  the world’s gonna change


But you’ll still be on that old block

Sitting wrinkled with your Gucci socks

By then I’ve walked your insults off


You and your birds die in flocks

Me and my crew , yachts in docks

Time’s running from all of us, watch the clock

But I’ve finished my shit 5 minutes ago

And I'm still improving , no such thing as pros

You sit and learn, but still don’t know

About how the world flows

Ignorance is on your perm

Like a hair bow


For now you talk and wait for the next iPhone

God must have blessed me,cause I’m not a clone 

The End

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