prompt: loving your best friend who is in love with someone elseMature

We sit on the couch watching re-runs
and you think I don’t notice the way
your phone never leaves your hand. 
It’s just a crush, I tell myself, try and
dismiss the way your name gets stuck
at the back of my throat.  He calls
and you vanish outside, your voice
a low whisper, like you’re afraid
if I hear you, I’ll know what he’s like.
All I want to do is flush your battery,
find a way to make my lips find yours
even through all the nerves and the
shakes and the taste of panic on my tongue.
I can help you stitch up the wounds
he leaves behind, I can help you
purge the venom.  These are bruises,
not chains, and I can show you
what the sky looks like when it’s just cleared
and the road is still slick with rain and
everything feels clean again.

The End

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