you can’t bleed out every kind of poisonMature

We break our bodies down to the nuts and bolts,
call it repair, call it healing, call it wearing down to nothing.
I’ve got so many pieces scattered on this floor, and you’re
twisting them between your fingers, fitting them into spaces
that you’re missing, and I just let you have them. No use
pretending I don’t carry pieces of you with me like secrets,
like tumors, like stones I’ve slipped into the marrow of my bones
to keep me weighted down to the same ground as you. 
I don’t know why I hoard you away, why I’m so afraid
to let you touch me in the light of day, but this phantom love
that haunts my dreams is seeping into reality and I can still feel
the fucking press of your mouth on mine. You’re the fever
burning beneath my skin. I can’t get you out of me.

The End

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