prompt: she likes you and loves him and she's the only thing who's ever made you feel like thisMature

I can tell you the labyrinth of my heart defies maps.
It defies breadcrumbs and painted arrows and hieroglyphs.
The real truth, the hard truth, the truth that sticks in the back of your throat
like a lozenge sucked down just small enough to fit in your windpipe,
is that you will never know all of me.  You will only know a fragment of me.
My mother told me when I was younger that the heart has two atriums
and ever since, there’s been this absence that never felt truly filled.
I think of what my body can hold, how much it can take.  
I don’t know how many lives my heart has,
I don’t know what it can store inside of its halls, 
I only know that there are parts of me that have never been seen
and parts of me that have never seen what they’re looking for.

The End

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