prompt: you dated for a year and broke up but you're still in loveMature

I check my watch every day at four thirty.
Sometimes, I still think I hear the sound of your car.
I knew I would live through this but
I never thought it would be against my will.

Every day at four thirty, I park in my garage
and cry because I know the house is empty
except for all my useless things and at least 
I am alive but I’ve never wanted this badly to die.

I have allowed traces of you to stick around.
Some mornings, they’re all I have.
Every time it rains I start a fire and watch it burn
and remember all the reasons you gave me to laugh.

I’ve stopped inviting people over. I end up in the kitchen
alone, wishing your ghost could makes jokes like you used to.
Every time it rains I miss the fireplace 
and how warm your laugh used to be.  

I guess the rest is nothing but smoke and 
when this fire goes out all I will be left with
are the things I couldn’t get off my chest
and the ways I couldn’t make you fit -
but nothing will sink me faster than
way nothing else fits without you.

The End

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