prompt: being in a lesbian relationship in the south (usa) in high schoolMature

By the mornings, I’ve missed you so desperately
that all I want to do is cup your face in my hands
and stare at you until I convince myself I’ve memorized
the impossible beauty of your face.  Instead,
I try to reign in my enthusiasm and clench and unclench
my hands at my sides, trying not to reach for yours.
Every touch is tainted with fear and this is not how I love
but this is how I protect you but it is bitter and it is cruel
and all I want is light on your face and the freedom to kiss you
whenever the urge strikes me.  I settle for an eternal “later”.
The few classes we don’t share sometimes become a respite.
Sometimes, this space is all that keeps me from breaking our facade.
We try to sneak in a kiss, a touch, an unguarded few words, 
in the back corner of the locker room where no one else can see us.
These dingy lockers and these benches are an unlikely place 
to fall in love but they’re what we have and as long as you’re there, 
waiting, I’d go anywhere.  

The End

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