and still, i cannot do enough to quiet the voice that says “do more”Mature

Today, my boss kissed the loaves of bread
he threw away from yesterday and I stood there,
watching him, knowing he didn’t see me. I
have spent the day chewing on this. There are
some of us that have so much that our trash
gets fat, too. I thought about the times
my husband told me he was hungry and
there was nothing I could do to fix it and I
thought about how lucky we were that those moments
were not more frequent. There are some of us that
have so little, that somehow there is never enough
to go all the way around. I thought about the times
I might have shared what I had and felt no comfort
in knowing I do not have much. My mother taught me
well enough - to never be selfish about my food,
that a full stomach means nothing to an empty heart.

The End

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