the amount of energy in the universe never changes and I know I said that was how I loved you but I can’t explain these missing piecesMature

I - I am at a space station a hundred lightyears from Earth, staring out at a nebula and not thinking of you at all, even though there were nights when I could do nothing else and I thought that they might last forever.
You know what space has taught me? That nothing ever does. That there is always more beyond the horizon than we can begin to hope for. 
I - I am at a gallery looking at paintings that remind me of all the ways you used to contort the scene in front of me. The shifts of light and how it always seemed to cast you just right. 
You know what art has taught me? That people can show you only the things you want to see and still you’ll believe you can see everything and no one can tell you any differently.
I - I am at a restaurant sipping wine from a glass with my lipstick prints on it, but I don’t know who it is inside of my skin. Am I myself or am I the identical version of myself that still retains all the tweaks you made to her hardwiring?
You know what love has taught me? That we can do this over and over again and still somehow the thought of your absence is a black hole I’ll never have the nerve to really explore.

The End

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