and wouldn’t you like to kiss me, now, taste the smoke from your own fireMature

I imagine sometimes that my name is a prayer 
falling from your lips in the darkness, 
when everything is dim except the streetlights
turning your bedroom floor into a burning lake of light
and there is no sound except the rushing of your circulation 
and the whole world falls away to just the air and your pulse 
and the sound my name makes over and over, 
falling like bombs, falling like meteors, like all the stars 
are crashing down to the earth just to find you.
I imagine there is nothing but a charred ache 
pounding behind your ribs, that everything you once were 
has been condensed into this hot ember that you keep there, 
to remind yourself what it was like to be a fire 
without ever having to watch yourself burn again
but the ember catches flame when you suck in your breath
because I walked into the room. You think 
you’re fading into darkness but you’re
glowing brighter than the sun.

The End

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