prompt: dating someone when you know it's not right but you're too afraid to move onMature

There are spaces on your shoulder that seem to have been worn down
from the weight of me leaning there. We take our coffee the same way,
we watch the same shows and we laugh at the same jokes but there is
always this static silence in between and I can’t tell if it’s a lack of sound
or if it’s just the way our hearts are beating always out of sync.  My mother
used to tell me that we can adapt to everything, even if we hate it, even
if it’s quietly ripping us to pieces and sometimes when I am in your arms
I find everything just slightly disjointed, a little off kilter; it’s like I haven’t
forgotten the sound of your laugh but it’s just so far away 
that it takes me a while to recognize the absence of joy in it.

The End

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