prompt: A girl who is caught in-between a lot of thingsMature

On Mondays, I think of all the ways I damaged the hearts of others.
On Tuesdays, I dwell on the mistakes I made that I can’t ever take back.
On Wednesdays, the secrets I couldn’t keep keep me awake.
On Thursdays, I count my scars and try to name them all in order.
On Fridays, I think of all the names I’ll never say out-loud again.
On Saturdays, I sit in the cemetery and wish the graves had been dug deeper.
On Sundays, I wash this all out of my head with a handle of something stronger than my memories.
But this is not the way to grow.  This is not the way to soften my edges.
This is not the way I want to apologize for everything I’ve ever done.
Tomorrow I start again, tomorrow I tell myself that it’s time I stop digging around
in the past, hoping to unearth some small treasure I’ve never seen before.
My arms are dirty up to the elbows and my heart is sore from all these beatings.
Maybe it’s time I forgive myself before I start asking for it from others.

The End

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