prompt: i'm never a best friendMature

Sometimes this isolation tastes bitter going down
but I know it’s only myself I can rely on - my mother taught me that
when I was smaller and hated tying my own shoes, my brother
taught me that when I wasn’t quite so small and wanted someone bigger
to get rid of all my problems for me, my father taught me that 
the night I was born when the rain hit the pavement as hard
as he hit the accelerator out of town.  There are craters in my body
that I cannot fill myself but I poke at them and memorize their shapes,
knowing one day they will be full and I will not remember them
the same way I do not remember the pits in my gums
when all my baby teeth fell out.  In the meantime, I read my books
and I take my notes and I bandage up my own wounds and
I knock out the teeth of others who make me feel smaller than I am 
and I hand in my projects and no one gets the credit but me.

The End

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