prompt: rain shadowMature

When we met, you were brazen 
and I was small and the light burned my skin 
when I let it linger too long.
You had a way about you 
that seemed to shake off
all the shadows and sometimes 
when mine were darkest
the only thing that would help was you.  
I find myself wondering now and then 
where you ended up 
but I try not to think too hard 
about whose lips you’re kissing
or whose bed you’re unmaking.  
I’m not so small anymore
that I can’t admit that when a storm is rolling in,
I sometimes find myself lying on the road 
waiting for the rain. When I stand up 
it’s only my outline there, but I think
somewhere, maybe, you are looking at your outline 
as I look at mine and maybe we’re not so far apart, after all.

The End

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