things i wish i could tell my sister but can't because language isn't gentle enoughMature

he doesn’t love you. he likes that you’re gullible,
that your heart is bigger than your brain and you
can’t tell the difference between good attention
and bad attention because attention is attention.

all those other girls have the same promises
laced around their necks like fingerprints or bruises.
one day they’ll be knocking on your door, asking you
where he is, where he’s been, what you’re doing
living the life he’s been promising them.

your heart is not elastic, it will not stretch and shrink
and stretch again; it cannot cross the distance he’s
put between you to keep him faithful. it will not grow
to fit in all the things you know you cannot say to him.
one day you will crack and your elastic love will snap 
back to you and leave you breathless on the bathroom floor.

The End

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