the darkness is full of your memoryMature

the darkness is full of your memory.
i wander cold brick in search of your footsteps,
barely hooking my fingers around this bottle of whiskey.
i started missing you and i don’t know how to turn it off.
it is two a.m. and the streetlights are flickering up ahead
but it isn’t the stale light pooled on the sidewalk that i’m 
out here looking for; it used to be that i could sniff you out,
find your tracks when no one else could - maybe you’ve
caught on to me or maybe you’re just losing yourself too.
i don’t think i can adequately translate the things my heart
is trying to say but i know in the morning if i don’t wake up
beside you, stunned in the glow of morning light as it
touches your face, then i might not find a good enough
reason to wake up at all.

The End

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