prompt: lima beansMature

At a very early age, my sister was a picky eater.
Some Wednesday nights she sat at the dining room table
pushing lima beans around her plate until she fell asleep there.
She’d turn her nose up at anything without warning,
sometimes even things she had notoriously liked,
just to be cantankerous.  The trouble is, now,
she does the same with everything.  All at once,
nothing in her closet will suit her.  She’ll wake up
one Friday morning completely miserable with every single
decoration she hung in her whole apartment.  She’s called me up
late on Tuesday night, convinced that she could finally be rid
of his presence if she replaced all of her housewares.  
In the spring, she guts everything, but she doesn’t pull it all up.
She doesn’t always get the roots when she’s weeding things out.
And by summer, the mess has turned right up again.

The End

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