today i woke up an hour before my alarmMature

Today I woke up an hour before my alarm
and I watched the early light play out patterns
on my ceiling.  When I opened my eyes again
the alarm was wailing and my heart had seized up
in my chest and I thought, I hate alarms.  I hate
being woken up this way.
  At work I smiled
at strangers and filled up glasses and repeated,
repeated, repeated, repeated, isn’t the weather
just awful?  Isn’t it supposed to be spring?

But spring is like hearts and the whims of wild things -
mercurial and instinctual and goddamned if it’ll be
told what the hell to do.  I spent the afternoon
thinking of the sweet taste of blackberry wine and
the way kisses feel late at night when you don’t even
have to close your eyes because it’s all dark around you
anyway and all you can feel are lips and skin and
the world shrinks down to just these few tiny details and
I was thinking, this place that seems so infinite and so magnificent and
so much bigger than we could ever be is dwarfed
by the complexity of chemistry and the way two hearts
can synchronize so quickly.

The End

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