how the Colorado sky swallowed everything elseMature

I dream of the mountains where we will build our home.
Of the sweeping balcony overlooking a ravine and the
stretch of evergreens as far as my eyes can see.  I hear
the low rustle of wildlife, the caw of birds, the soft wind as
it stirs up the world around me.  Our home is sparse and
open, but it is chilled with the sharp light of autumn and the
boards creak wherever I walk, giving me away to the silence.
I look for you and find your face smiling back at me only in
the pictures hanging from the wall and your scent lingering
in the fabric of your clothes hanging in the closet.  I know
our bodies are weakening faster than we can comprehend,
but I didn’t think our footprints would grow cold so quickly.

The End

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