let's compare scarsMature

absence like a cancer gnaws at me.
to this day, I think I see you everywhere.
well, fu*k you and fu*k your flighty nature,
and fu*k the space in that bed we shared.
those inches were left to grow to miles
and there is time we’ll never recover littered
along this highway.  I hope I never see
this stretch of road again.

fuck you, and fu*k your things,
and fu*k my memories and fu*k your needs
and fu*k you for the way you fucked me.

we were probably better suited than either of us
ever really recognized.  I sometimes wish it had been you.

comets tear across the sky when I’m with you.
the night never seems more open and full.  this isn’t
a declaration of love, it’s a declaration of life.
I’m not sorry you’re mine.

The End

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