my mother always said actions speak louder than wordsMature

My mother always said actions speak louder than words,
but she never got mad when I slammed doors,
she only hated it when I said I was tired of her shit.

You find time in the day to read articles about celebrities, to
judge the woman at the coffee shop for the way she smiles 
at the cashier, leaves him a five, tells him I’ll see you tomorrow.

You collect a lot of pleasant phrases - busy this weekend, 
how about next?  can I call you later? sorry, I got so busy.  
you’re not mad, are you?  look, just tell me when you’re free 
and I’ll let you know what works, we’ll get together for lunch.

Can you shut it off for ten seconds?
Can you hold your tongue and weigh your words
and ask yourself, how many of them do you mean?

The End

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