it has been years since the last time i felt this desolateMature

It has been years since the last time
I felt this desolate.  I am a sun-scorched desert
in the dead of summer, vultures circling overhead,
waiting, watching, waiting for me to kill everything
that dares tread on me.  Eventually I will oblige.
There are skeletons half-buried in my dunes, only
barely hidden from sight.  Intrepid diggers would
only need their curious hands to unearth all the things
I’ve crushed, dried up, and left to rot on my terra.
Nothing can sustain this vast hunger.  I am parched,
I am untamed and I am worn down by years of 
merciless sun.  I can feel myself expanding,
stretching out beyond the borders I’d previously filled.
I am consuming anything within reach, sucking it dry
and swallowing it up.  All that’s left is to wait for the rain.

The End

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