i fall asleep like people drownMature

I fall asleep like people drown - 
unwilling, violently fighting against it,
gasping, thrashing, twisting myself into knots
to get out of the grasp of these dreams.
The ocean is as deep as the universe stretched
like curtains over our muddied skies.  It is as cold, too,
and the bite of it is harsh and cruel.  We make hand gestures
at each other beneath the surface of the water, our eyes
full and desperate, screaming silently just understand me this once.
But words are gone beneath the ocean and somewhere
in the dark, uncharted waters lies the answers to these questions
we have on our lips.  We are swallowed up by a killer whale
and you play me a song on his ribcage, you whisper poetry
you swear you wrote while we were alive above the sea but
these words do not sound like you.  They echo and echo and echo
but every repetition grows more hollow than the last and when
the lullaby is over, it is dawn that pries me from the belly of the beast.

The End

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