she died too young, i remember knowingMature

She died too young, I remember knowing that
before I understood how young she really was,
I remember repeating that over and over, my
small fingers pressed together as I stared out
of my bedroom window, praying harder than
I’d ever prayed in my entire life.
Bring her back.

But there is no last minute miracle, no answered
prayer in this life, no rectification of your faith, no
proof of the things you desperately want to believe in.

My father - who wasn’t there and never was, and
probably never will be, if I’m to estimate the future
based on the statistics provided - would have said
to me, if he was there, if he had loved me, he’d say
you know how hard it is to wake up in the morning
when all you want to do is sleep forever?  do not
wake her up; let her rest and be glad you got to
say goodbye because sometimes people don’t
wake up at the most unexpected times.

The End

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