Once the 2-seater lounge squeezed us three
Nanny, poppy & me be watching TV
Murder she wrote, the wheel & price is right
Too much room without you, the world's lost its light

Lemon Butter from lemons, sour to delight
Cut crusts and rolled them with vegimite
All but quickSilver your touch turned to gold
Spoiled us rotten by loves tight hold

Love and worry of others was nan's great concern
Nan's gift's counting her giving as gift returned
An unleavable cozy nest where I always wanted to be
Believably, selfishly, I never wanted her to leave

Home isn't a building
Home isn't food
Home is in heaven
like the home I found in you

so much strength still in your long hugs goodbye...
Thank you. I love you. Goodbye

The End

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