Nameless Name

This poem contains two separate narratives over the same situation (i.e. troubles with a person they both know, etc). Of course it is always open to interpretation :) But as you read you may realize one is more neutral (normal font) and the other is more cynical (italic font).

Zebra Tears,
Light becomes the darkest shade,
Inspiring fears.
We all pant before we cave.

Stop signs ask for a bit more respect,
I missed your face and kissed a leg,
But on a leash I’m just a pet.
You always kick and wish me dead.

I still love your cramped mind,
Those tears are what get to me,
Even if you live so blind.
Streaming stripes of agony.

I see them beautiful in some strange way,
Put tuxedo eyes on before you jump in,
Like Yin and Yang have formed a braid.
Now you don’t have to try to swim.

Water doesn’t break the ice,
Crack the window for my tongue,
This whole façade isn’t worth the price.
I’m burning up and need the sun.

You’ve named me so many names before,
You can call me shoulder,
But none have stuck and there’s no more.
Fall and cry all over.

If let go I’ll run right back,
Sidewalks watch as we pass by,
Superstitions don’t attack.
For hope one day we might say hi.

Play a game of catch my tail,
I am the same…
Cheerful ears mast the sail.
Aboard The Nameless Name.

The End

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