Something beyond words. I miss you more than I could share with anyone else.

With the incline of my spine,
I silence all the wasted words
Meant for your confessional,
That liquor had shaken loose.
Fallen on my late marquis,
I spread wings to take flight,
And your breath away.
Did you waver and fade
With the frantic scream
From the stereo,
Next room over?
It found me warm and brash,
I wondered and worried
That my tact, never savoured,
Left much to be desired,
And waited on a fractal pattern,
Your eyes crystals in pale sand.

I imagined you, for just a split
Second, the feng shui garden
With a tiny rake,
I'd paid fifteen dollars
For a chance to rearrange and
Come to terms with your late
Never late enough,
The lines in the sand,
Never straight enough, never right.
Nothing balances like when you'd been here,
To tip the scales and cast logic to fear,
A mithridate addiction,
Enspirited, and then dressed
With crass cloth, a reminder
That you were lost, like me.

I came, and sat and cried,
Like the rest that looked on,
But I felt a right,
A feeling so tactile,
I could hit the red-faced man
Next to me with the thing,
He'd look, and give a start,
Usher everyone through that
Wretched entrance.
I could talk to you one last time,
You'd tie all the ends and kiss my
Forehead, a feather with lips,
Once more,
Wrap me in your words
And laugh when I asked you to stay.

I'd laugh too,
You are a song
Stuck in my head
Until the end of time,
Ashes on the wind,
Just like your glances
I could never quite catch,
And the jokes
That were over my head.

The End

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