Naked Validation

I wrote this because I felt like I was an exact copy of society. But I woke up and had to be real with myself, I'm the best me that could ever be created. I have to be open to finding myself and be closed to other's opinion of who I should be. So this poem is about my motives, past mistakes, and past pains being examined by the Creator.


     He knew me before I knew myself. I was naked to Him before I was clothed . When I came to Him, He stripped the life I thought I knew, the life I coveted, the life I stole from another being. He allowed me to come to Him naked but I tried to hide from His eyes, my body was filthy and His was perfect clothed in white and mine in dung. I deserved to be vomited out and thrown to the dogs. My body didn't even deserve an eye's glance but He took me into His right hand and read my heart that had plastered on it, " I am not guarded, she has committed gross negligence , causing detrimental inflictions unto me, I have been patched up with vein things, new relationships that rot me from the inside out, my heartbeats are not my own for I carry other souls. And I hold the shame of walking naked into a world so clothed." You see, my heart shows my past and the death of hope's tomorrow. I stood vulnerable, fearful, guilty while He examined my true body's uncovered self.      But He loved my nakedness, He cherished all the bloody gashes, and infested scar tissue. When I realized how deep He had gone, I gasped in terror wanting to disappear to a place, any place other than with Him. But contrary to my resistance, I desired to be known by Him, to be loved and protected by Him. I knew of no one who would even look past my coverings and past the dung to deliberately be infatuated by my heart's broken wavelengths. And I discovered, He was different from those bodies I collected within. Even His touches were different from those bodies that lavished upon my nakedness every caress of empty promises. His eyes danced through my heart's flowing meadow and drew from His garden a deep compassion. I knew I needed Him, and He knew He completed me. Since from the beginning I was birthed from His thoughts and sent out to fulfill them. I was sent out in hopes of coming back to experience this uncomfortable autopsy. So that my heart could be washed and could be scrapped clean from all the scabs. He sang a song full of wonder and hope that garbed my heart with flesh. My heart sang a new song of leaping for joy for bringing back to life what was dead. The song ran through my bones surging through my veins, bolting from my body, LIFE, that brightened every aspect of my being. A new scent spewed from my pores and filled the atmosphere with a new aroma that was sweet as nectar. I saw that this pleased Him so, and then again I praised some more. 

The End

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