Something I was just thinking about...

As children, we are held together by naivety.

We climb the ladder to the roof and stand, thinking we can fly.

And despite requests, refuse to wear helmets as we bike.

Invincible. Untouched by the blood thirsty hands of the world.

As teenagers, we are destroyed by naivety.

When we think we're meant to be and we end up alone.

And what we feel is important turns out to be meaningless.

Ignorant. Reality thrown at us abruptly like a grenade.

As adults, I'd hope we would lose some naivety.

Having acknowledged that hard work won't grant our wishes.

And that we are just sparks fading from their memories.

And that money is not a tree our parents grew in the backyard.

And that a job is something we actually have to earn.

And that happiness, though pursued, is never guaranteed.

Wiser. Carrying experience with us as a keepsake in our heads.

The End

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