Na déithe ag scairtigh - Irish translations

In no way do I profess that this is the exact translation, but it is what was intended to be and what I've tried to translate it into as best as I can through Irish relatives and (rather pathetic, if I do say so myself) Google Translate.

(Chorus I - many female)

Go on, go away,

Leave our lives to grow,

We are keeping the secrets,

No man should know.

We have the power,

It runs in our veins,

But we bleed and we cower,

Forever caught in your chains.

(Chorus II - many male and female)

Leave this place, go away,

You are not welcome here,

We follow the Gods' song,

Your souls should fear.

The Gods have the power,

And our compassion is none,

We will not cower,

When the battle is won.

(Verse III)

Go yonder evil stranger,

Now that you have heard the song,

You are the danger,

And you do not belong.

If there are any Irish who can offer a better translation, please feel free to contact me so that this can be improved ;)

The End

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