Mythically Inspired Tale of Vengeance

Warriors inspired by Athena's anger at Hades' treachery travel to the Underworld to Confront him.

The goddess hath blessed us immune

With her guardian serpent's skin and Aegis,

To devour Hades' kingdom and return with his soul,

For the sake of vengeance.


Our voyage sets sail into distant oceans,

And Weathers the seven seas of the abyss,

To land in the apocalyptic realm, the legendary Nether,

By foot we travel endlessly into its strange darkness,

Our steps labor within its ghostly marshes,

Our tense heaves carve paths within its somber fogs

As I howl remembrance to my fellow warriors,

"Never succumb to Hades' treachery!"


 In good time, the Gods show us favor

As Aeolus' lungs halt for rest at day's end,

The frail barrier clears like a vanishing magician

And we finally eye the breadth of the terrible lair,

From the conquered bog, to the distant foothills,

 Where in, lay the seat of our desire.

Wandering spirits scatter the horizon,

And humidity exhausts the air, with gaudy aroma of bile

As it flows from the murky puddles of dying souls,

I liken it to the plague of our world,

Causing puss to forever ooze from the inflicted,

We snake our way closer.


The sky is now a storming black vortex,

Its Silver eye traces our every step,

As we edge closer to the shadowy haunt,

Lightening strikes the foreground as

We are greeted by the villain's hellions,


                                "We bring you welcome from our lord

                                 Of the fabled demonic Olympian shrine,

                                 Where his mystics chant from floating valleys

                                 Hidden in realms pegged upon ethereal mists,

                                 On which Guardians of the four corners stand."


"He dare welcome us? Mockery!

 Likening the Goddess' warriors to scum!

 Bloodless fiend hath no honor,

 We are no guests of that retch,

 I warn you in the name of Athena!

 Vengeance is ours!"


                                 "Now I will finish, human,

                                  Dare mock the Guardians?

                                  And mostly our lord Hades,

                                  A grave error Indeed,

                                 We are the Gods of this world,


                                 We devour souls!"



"Out of our way Demons!" 


                              "Ye mortals shall not pass!"




The End

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