Mystic Woman

This one came to me as i was eating some chicken and drinking pepsi haha

Once again night falls,
Opon the firey skyline,
Cant help but hear,
As someone in the distance calls,

Sudden screach in your head,
Following you all the time,
From the moment you wake up,
Till the moment you lay in bed,

Days have converted into years,
The screach remains,
Feelings turn you inside out,
Smiles into worries and tears,

The women in need,
The one you cant see,
Cant help but think about,
Stabes your heart and you begin to bleed,

One day we will find her,
Shes real we know shes there,
We know she exsists,
We know shes not just a blure,

Years go bye,
The screach begins to fade,
But the thought is as sharp as a blade,
Everytime you think it sends you to the sky;

Im bigger, stronger more reliable,
We will be her for her,
When she is awoken,
My thoughts are viable,

With this thought tonight I will sleep,
Tommorow I will wake,
I know she isnt just a mistake,
We will fly like a fleet,
The End

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