You're depth is like the sea, with thousands of undiscovered shipwrecks, I guess you're just a mystery.

The sea sits there and it's simplistic beauty brainwashes me into a state of tranquility,

For a moment I break away, I'm frustrated.

I'm sat in a story, in the middle,

I can't see the beginning of the sea, or the ending,

My sight cannot stretch that far.

I'm centre stage within mystery.

It makes me feel so small.

The rush of aspiration runs through me,

I wish to make an impact upon everyone,

Like the sea, and it's tranquility.

The sea has no mercy for mankind,

It has a freedom we'll never know,

It sits there, it's almost kind.

It could drown our souls and suffocate our dreams,

But the silver water sits there,

Watching our own self-destruction.

The End

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