Verse 2a

H-, h-hel, h-help.

Indian spirals in eternal gyration, gyre and gyre,
and gyre-er, er-er-er.

Oh, how the need to heal heaving in us all altogether heaves higher.
Haaee, haaaaaw, haaeee, haaaaaw.... Haaaaaaaaa.

The eternal gyration gyrates yet higher.
And so a heart yearns, a heart - afire.

And then, the heart, being gyrated, gyrates -
Govinda Jaya Jaya
Gopala Jaya Jaya
Not mine, a-, not mine, a-.
Govinda Jaya Jaya
Gopala Jaya Jaya
Not me, a-, not me, a-
A heart, being gyrated, gyrates -
Joyrates higher.

Uncontrollable bliss burns through, bringing
a heart, which, being gyrated, joyrates.

It b-bows the h-head in r-reverence.

Suffering deeply, it surrenders to suffering,
so disseverolving into the line between is-and-is-not....
into the sur su-re su-re-unknown Srih.
Su-re-unknown Srih.

The End

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