Mysterious Darkness

As the night closes in

The darkness grins

Inky tendrils of black come for me

Trying to cause harm or tears

Bring me down to a dark chasm

Nearly impossible to escape

With a sickly foul smell

What is this darkness

That loves pain

And seems to hate me

How long has it been trying to trap me

Since I was born maybe

Or even recently

But I don't know

I didn't see it lurking around

Plotting plans filled with misery

Now I do

For it has taken action

It tries to choke out all happiness

All joy, all peace, all love, everything

People have different names

For this horrible darkness

Evil, chaos, or for others that

Surrendered to it, just life

Something that happens

Their fate, their destiny

To have this darkness

Overtake them, ruin them

The End

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