Myself and I

"My own worst enemy."

I am the thought that makes you smile
I am what makes you hurt all the while
I am the lullabye in your head
I am the darkness beneath your bed.
I am the last thought before you sleep
I am the wolf that kills your sheep
I am the truth when you deny it
I cause the screams in the dead quiet.

I am the voice that listens to you
I am what makes you burn like you do
I am the soothing rhythm of rain
I am the thundering storm of pain.
I am the healer when your heart is in two
I am your waking nightmares come true
I wait until the moment is right
I wait like darkness waits for night.

I am that which you won't let go
I am a name you'll never know
I am the puppetier behind the veil
I'm all that makes your heart derail.
I am the face you see in the mirror
You are the reason why you fear her
I'll be your undoing, but love me you do

Together forever, 

the beast in you.

The End

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