My Wish

My hope for you to love me

My hope is that you see me as a wonderful person before me like a piece of meat to chew and then spit out of your mouth.

I do not want to dress queen attracts you. I want my person, my soul attracts. So do not care what I have and how I look outside. 

I do not expect you to be spending time. Neither I hope you remember me only as entertainment.

And when we're not together, when you think, I want you to think of me as a happy moment, a memory so sweet to make me you would come back into your life.

Because I want you to see me as a person of great value and importance not just another win, another victory.

If I cared, I want you to see me as someone who really love, someone you want to stay and be a part you your life, someone who loves you and cares for you.

And if I die or leave your life to bring you hope to bring nostalgia not pain but to let you know if it was love.

The End

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