My Vow to you

This is to my future husband when we get married. Read it with an open mind and do not write any negative comments. This poem is extremely personal and it is mine and no other person has permission to use any part of my poem without my full permission.

My Love for you is indescribable and pure 

from the moment I laid eyes on you I was most definitely allured...

by you I was caught in your spell, you had me at hello, your personality 

was beautiful as your soul and as captivating as your smell

It was you! You were the one who has changed my life in so many ways,

I truly learned to love another man and I am so excited to spend my life with you for eternity and our days.

I'll forever be blessed from my father God above

who gave me a relationship that  will last an abundant amount of lifetimes filled with true love.

I'll look forward to the nights that we will spend together as we sleep

When we wake up in the morning for our first kiss I'm forever yours to keep.

The End

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