My Wedding DayMature

A short story about a woman fooling herself into the arms of faith.

I'll be dressed in white
With an immaculate lace veil
I'll be happy, and content
Yet innocent and frail

I'll kiss him soft
And bid him farewell
Until we meet again
When we hear the church bell

I'll quiver and shake
Struggle to breathe
I'll hold for dear life
On my bridal wreath. 

It's the happiest I'd be
And I guess that's why it's sad
To know that nothing will ever top this
It's the best I've ever had

I sit and wait for it
The main event will commence
As soon as it hits my system
Taking over my bodies defence

He rushed to my side
As I fell to the floor
Shock filled the eyes of guests
As they waited to know more

Deep red stains began to appear
In my lovely lace white gown
His heart broke in front of me
Next to me, he lay down

I had taken a blade to my chest that day
In the final stages of preparation
My sadness overcame my strength
Now I'm set for eternal damnation

"Suicide is a sin" He whispered
As we lay in God's house
I took shelter under his roof
He quickly undid my blouse

One last gasp is all I heard
As he saw the effects of my disease
He kissed me sweetly, and told me goodbye
The room began to freeze

'Why hasn't it happened?' 
I waited to feel God's hand
The cold struck my core
This isn't the holy land

A feeling of regret shadowed my mind
As finally I began to realise
I had fooled myself with the idea of comfort
And I had avoided all of my goodbyes

So now I'm left, seconds away from death
With a million things to say
I wish for you to tell people you love them
And please, tell my fiance. 

The End

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