My Way or the Highway

I’m stranded on life’s highway because I’ve gone astray

Because I did in my time, my thing, my way

But following only my feelings, fancies, and fantasies failed me,

And now disillusioned I see my road is in disorder and disarray;

I’m ashamed and dismayed at my display,

Of always falling prey to Satan’s plays every day.


So now I pray.


For the revealing and the sealing

Of the demons that are stealing

My sanctified feeling.

For all the scars I’m concealing

I need heavy healing

Satan’s keeps wheeling and dealing

For these sins keep appealing,

And sending me reeling and keeling

And keeps reeling me in for more.


Though I wish to soar

Instead I’ve hit bottom floor.

I’m lost at sea and need an oar,

That will take me to shore.

I’m at war with my core

And I have a losing score,

Though I roar that I’ve got more,

With my dirt poor soul sore

On my own I’m done for.


So today, I make my way,

To your throne to lay,

My shattered self and say,

“Mold me, master, just like clay,

To your will, that’s all I pray!

Please shape me so that I may

Stand tall with faith and never sway,

Whenever Satan comes to play.”


It’s because of your death, that I now live today

So at last I will kneel, at last I will obey,

It’s high time for my way to go hit the highway

For complete commitment, just to Thy Way.



The End

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