My Vivid Future

A doomed vision of a man's future life in this world and the nearing reality of Earth, condemned by the sin of mankind.

Like I had envisioned in my apparition,

out of an angel's holy intuition,

a dreaded life yet to come about

from a place of wicked shout

and a shadow rout.


It came to me like a thing from God,

a thing I saw and very odd,

of the face of our's, so truely dark

from the blessed children of the Ark,

a retched sin I'd hate, by eye, to mark.


A perception of a future's new,

oh how my fathers surely knew

the dear conclusion of only few,

a fallen earth I will come to view.


The Beast had made his swift approach,

and like the wolf could go enroach,

with his cage of fangs a sheep he'll poach

the wicked soul of every roach.


Oh how could they bare to pray to God,

who shall smite every evil fraud.

The End

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